Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random design time : The Dreameater

She's been going through my head a while. Trying to make more concepts of her just to get her mini background story out.

Her name is Isi the Dreameater, a type of stalker spirit that places judgment to those who slumber. When there is a full moon she will visit the hut of a family or anyone for that matter and see into your mind. If you are a good judge of character she will leave you be or aid your blissful dreaming by getting rid of any nightmares that haunt you. On the other hand, if you have a bad personality or committed a terrible misdeed she will plague your sleep with horrible nightmares that will force you to stay awake. Unless the victim changes their ways and admit their wrong doing they will continue being an insomniac until death brings them eternal slumber.

Isi takes on other forms. At night her head is that of a dear skull which can extend to certain lengths. She can teleport through shadows, which makes home invasion simple. Her body also can transform into a monstrous visage, but that rarely happens.

On the day she takes on a slightly humanesque figure with her skull being replaced with a mask. Although she's not in full power she still has some superhuman strength. So it is a mistake to consider weak in this stage. When night comes her head extends and her mask transforms back into a skull.

Battle ready Isi
She carries a broken femur that acts as both a club and a dagger.
Quite useful, very useful

There is only an occasion where Isi becomes a true mortal woman and it only occurs when there is a new moon.

Unfortunately this is as much as I can muster up for facial design (also done on MSN hahaha). I'll try to come up with a better look to her.

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